Conference Recording

BBV are able to record conference sessions and deliver them on DVD. There are two levels of the recording service available.

Level 1

The speakers are recorded using a two camera set up, with one camera man operating both cameras. One would be a fixed wide shot of the speaker and the other would be a mid shot that would follow their movement.

£1495 per day

Level 2

A second manned camera is added to the Level 1 set up, allowing the recording of cut away footage – for example shots of the audience listening. This camera would roam about looking for shots to add more interest to the finished video. Also another unmanned camera would be added to record and extreme wide shot. Making four cameras in total!

£2495 per day

Further information

Power Point presentations can be inserted into the video. The client would be responsible for ensuring that all images are cleared for copyright reasons.

Sound would be recorded from the live mix on the PA desk and / or a radio microphone attached to the speaker as well as live camera sound.

The final edited video would include opening and closing titles and music and can be provided on either Standard Definition DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc. It will be presented with a designed cover and Amaray case. The final edit and cover design would be subject to the clients approval.

Further copies of the video would be available at £15 per copy.