Theatre Productions

Small Scale Coverage

BBV operates a service for the recording of live productions. Two cameras are used to record the production. One remains fixed in a wide aspect to capture a large part of the stage, whilst the other is manned and records the performances close up.

By using two cameras we ensure that the final video will capture the drama of the production through the use of cuts to different shots, such as close ups of the cast. The material from both cameras is mixed and edited together with titles as required. Every copy comes in a case with a cover using images from the production or artwork supplied to us.

We will deliver 25 copies to the production on DVD.

Price: £450

Large Scale Coverage

Using four cameras (three manned) this enables us to produce a video that has a camera script prepared before hand to capture the moments the client wishes. Please contact us with details of the event and we will send you a quote.

PPA Productions – Aladdin